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Brand Strategy, Branding, Creative Direction

Montecarmo 12

Três Agá

Rosa Francisco
Mariana Carvalhais

Montecarmo 12



In a hotel where not even the smallest detail is overlooked, an identity was needed that could inhabit every corner of the space designed by the studio of architect Manuel Aires Mateus.

From the signage to the customization of the wooden coasters, everything was carefully thought out to maintain the elegance, serenity, restraint, and sobriety inherent in the project and ambiance, complementing the high-end experience.
The color palette comes from the materials chosen to integrate the space and the typography reflects the heritage of a palace full of stories and the liveliness of the area where it is located, the prestigious Príncipe Real neighborhood.

Brand collateral and video animations by Mariana Carvalhaes

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