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Corações Com Coroa

Três Agá — Mariana Carvalhais, Rosa Francisco

Videos and animations by Mariana Carvalhais

Corações com Coroa



Over the years, the Corações Com Coroa association has promoted a culture of solidarity, gender equality and the socio-affective inclusion of people in situations of vulnerability, risk or poverty, through various projects dedicated above all to girls and women in developing countries.

In 2022, the association celebrated its 10th anniversary and a new identity was created for the next ten years, reflecting the seriousness of its work and the greatness of its ambitions for the future. To ensure a graphic line that is youthful without being childish, the institutional character coexists with a manual nature in constant movement, preserving the closeness that is so characteristic of the association.
The brand is built around an flexible and changeable identity system, reflecting the diversity and restlessness of the association's work.
In order to clarify and speed up the perception of the association's objectives, the three fundamental axes of CCC's action are named: support. inform. empower.

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